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Sleep Hygiene
Sleep is essential to optimal health. If you are suffering from insomnia or poor sleep patterns, focusing on positive habits are necessary for the promotion of restful, quality sleep. 


Best Sources of Potassium Foods
Potassium is one of the essential minerals required by the human body for regulating electrical activity in the heart and other muscles and regulates fluid balance. 

Gluten-containing Foods 
People with celiac disease or gluten intolerance must be careful with hidden sources of gluten in their diet. Unless the label clearly states "gluten-free", knowing what to look for when reading a food label is required to prevent unwanted exposure to gluten. 

Purine-containing Foods
Eating foods high in purine can cause increased production of uric acid in the blood resulting in crystals in the joint and soft tissues, most often known as gout. Avoiding the high purine foods can prevent acute attacks and inflammation. 

Best Temperature and Uses for Common Cooking Oils
Consuming healthy oils at the wrong temperature can cause more harm than benefits. Learning how to use oils in proper food preparation results in a healthier fat intake. 


This widely used herbicide is now a known cause of chronic health problems. Learn how to decrease exposure, the risks to health, how to get tested, and be an advocate to end the use of this toxic chemical otherwise known as Roundup. 

Plants that Promote Clean Air 
Studies have shown that houseplants can effectively clean the air, ridding toxic chemicals found in indoor pollution. 


How to Prepare Raw Chinese Herbal Formulas 
For the most potent extraction of Chinese formulas, the proper preparation and cooking technique is recommended for the highest efficacy and quality extracted from the raw herbs. 


Castor Oil Packs
For anti-inflammatory and detoxification purposes, castor oil packs are gentle and effective. 

Directions for Compresses 
A topical compress is beneficial for numerous inflammatory skin conditions. Do not use with open skin wounds. 

Onion Ear Compress 
Home treatment that is safe and effective for a mild earache. Do not use with broken skin or for people with an onion allergy.

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